Why Local Governments Require Building Inspectors

For municipal governments, inspections of residential and commercial buildings are essential for ensuring public safety and the quality of life for citizens. When new construction or renovation is undertaken, homeowners submit the plans to the building department, who then decide whether to issue a permit. Inspectors employed by the building department then verify compliance with the building code. These codes are designed to protect the safety of citizens and can also save the community money by reducing insurance premiums, bond ratings, and can help apply for federal grant funds.In some cases, due to a property's narrowness, shallowness, shape, topography, existing building development, or other exceptional and extraordinary situation or condition, the strict application of a construction line established under this subchapter may result in peculiar and exceptional difficulties or difficulties for the owner of the property. For these unique projects, it is often beneficial to consult a Houston Interior Designer who is experienced in navigating local building codes and regulations.

In such cases, a board will hear and decide an appeal.Sellers or buyers of homes can ask inspectors for an objective evaluation of the home before putting it on the market or submitting an offer. Some jurisdictions may require certification from associations such as the International Code Council, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the International Association of Electrical Inspectors and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.If a municipality wants to adopt or improve its building code, they can request funding to help implement the changes. Additionally, some jurisdictions allocate revenues collected from fines and fees by landlords for violating the housing code to the code enforcement program.If a builder does not provide notice that an inspection has demonstrated compliance with applicable building code rules, a county may take one or both of two measures. The county may issue a conditional certificate of compliance under subsection (g) and notify the building owner of violations of the fire code and establish a reasonable time period for remedying them.

A building cannot be occupied until a final, conditional, or partial certificate of compliance is issued.Finally, many community colleges offer certificate or associate degree programs in building inspection technology and teach courses on building inspection, home inspection, construction technology, and drafting.

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