How to Make Sure You're Following Zoning Laws When Renovating

When planning a renovation, it's important to make sure you're following all applicable zoning laws. To do this, you should start by talking to your local zoning office, city hall, or other local planning board. They can provide you with information about any restrictions or regulations that may be in place for your lot. Additionally, you may need to obtain a land use permit and a building permit from your neighbor.

Land use permits are often required when homeowners want to change the use of their land or build a commercial or multi-family project on their property. If the zoning ordinance isn't clear, you can request clarification from the local planning department or a lawyer specializing in land use. It's important to remember that violating zoning rules is never a good idea, even if you have a seemingly valid building permit. If you build too close to the terrain line, violate height restrictions, or build in a wetland, you may be forced to modify or even dismantle part or all of the construction.

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When applying for a building permit, city or county staff will review the application to make sure it complies with the building code and zoning ordinance. If the planned addition is prohibited by either of these, the permit may be denied. Any work performed without a building permit must still meet all applicable requirements of the Chicago Building Codes and Municipal Code. To determine if your proposed addition complies with all codes and ordinances, you'll need to do a detailed review of both the proposed addition and the applicable codes and ordinances.

Section 14A-4-402 does not exempt from any applicable requirements of the Chicago Building Codes or the Municipal Code, except for the requirement to obtain a building permit.

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