Do I Need a Permit for Home Remodeling in the US?

If you're planning a major renovation of your home, you'll likely need to obtain a permit for at least one or some of the changes. This is because most of the laws and regulations affecting home renovation projects are local in scope, such as city building codes and zoning ordinances. These laws can be very detailed about how landlords can use land and how contractors should perform home renovations. Some state laws set minimum standards for specific parts of a home or renovation project.

However, the details of carrying out inspections and issuing permits are often left to local governments. It's best to be safe and call your local inspector to find out if you need a permit for your project. This information will help contractors and building owners plan renovation and repair projects that may alter the sealing and other construction materials that may be contaminated with PCBs.Kelly Bacon is a licensed general contractor with more than 40 years of experience in the construction, construction and remodeling of homes and commercial buildings. When you call the experts for a consultation about remodeling a home, you can leave the worry of applying for and obtaining permits in your rearview mirror, exactly where it should be.

Experts In Your Home has been serving the construction, remodeling and maintenance needs of the northern state since 1948.Determining if you need a building permit for your home remodeling project can be difficult, as permit departments often thwart homeowners' attempts to establish the rules. In California, the construction of new buildings, as well as most home remodeling jobs, require a permit. A construction contract, a home improvement contract, or a remodeling contract may include provisions that define the contractor's role in obtaining permits.In case you focus on the word “modify” in the state building code and get nervous about projects you've already completed, a permit is generally not required to make aesthetic changes indoors. Once you're informed and know what to expect, you're sure to approach your home remodeling project with greater confidence.

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