Seismic Testing Regulations for Home Remodel Projects in the US

When it comes to seismic modernization, there is no formal accreditation agency or certification process, not even for engineers. The experience, formal and informal employee training, and a company's track record in modernized housing are the basis of its expertise. It is also important to note that the training of employees who install seismic upgrades is essential. Even the best-planned modernization won't protect your home if it's not installed correctly.Converting general intensive care hospital buildings for acute psychiatric or specialized nursing uses can be complex, especially if the building is located in a center that also provides general intensive care services in other buildings on the same site.

According to the California Administrative Code (Chapter), hospitals that do not meet the January 1, 2028 deadline set out in this section will not receive a construction permit for any building that does not meet seismic standards, including maintenance and emergency repairs, until the building permit required in this section is issued. The owner or operator of a hospital with a center with one or more buildings with a structural performance rating lower than the SPC-3 or whose non-structural performance rating is lower than the NPC-5 must submit a statement to the HCAI stating that their board of directors knows that their hospital buildings must meet the deadline of January 1, 2030 to substantially comply with the regulations.If your home was built before these seismic standards were adopted, especially before the 1980s, you can reduce seismic risk by improving it to meet or approach these standards. However, I prefer to spend my limited home improvement money on things I can see and enjoy, such as remodeling my kitchen. The Seismic Compliance Unit will then remove the building from the list of buildings that must comply with the 1953 Senate Bill and reclassify it as OSHPD 1R.

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