Do I Need a Permit for Home Remodeling Projects in the US?

Any major home renovation project, such as adding extra square footage or moving a wall, will require a building permit. Depending on local regulations, you may even need a permit to install a fence around your property or to re-cover the roof of your house. Home renovation permits are issued by the local building department and guarantee that a building inspector has reviewed the plans and that they comply with local building codes and ordinances. Building codes and ordinances vary from region to region.

In rural areas prone to wildfires, for example, the building code may include strict fire protection requirements. If you don't get a permit for your home renovations, the municipal building inspector can issue an order to suspend the work being carried out and you may be fined. Permits help maintain consistent and safe construction practices, so it's important to contact your local building authority before you begin any project. If you want to put your house on the market and increase its selling price, you may decide to increase the value by doing some renovation and remodeling projects.

Before you even consider starting construction, you should contact your city's construction department and apply for a building permit. They are required for most construction or remodeling projects to ensure the safety of the site and its compliance with building, construction and zoning codes. Unpermitted construction can reduce the value of your home and you may even have to include it in the code as a condition of sale. When a permit is obtained, the local building authority examines the plans and often inspects the project to ensure that it complies with the code.

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